How To Make Bike Storage For Garage Ceilings

Bike hanger image
Bicycle Hooks

The easiest and quickest bike racks for garage storage is hanging the bikes from the garage rafters using a large bike storage hook.  The hooks typically cost less than a dollar each at home improvement centers and only two are required per bicycle. This cheap storage solution replaces the need for a bike rack and costs less than $2.00 per bike.

bike tire and hook
Bike Hanging From Ceiling

The best location is in the space above the hood of the car, or in an unused corner opposite the overhead garage door.

To install the hooks overhead into the garage ceiling, begin with finding the overhead joists or beams.

Drill a pilot hole into the beam using a drill smaller than the hooks threaded end (about 3/16th of an inch.  Measure 48 inches along the ceiling and drill the next hole.  Please note.  This 48-inch measurement is chosen because garages are built using rafters that are spaced either 16 inch or 24 inch on center.  With 48 inch spacing, the hooks will end up in the center of the tires to suspend the bike above the vehicle parking space on most adult sized bikes.